What excites and delights me when mud-larking?

Pipe shapes


A stonker

Bowl diameter 2.5cm; height 4.5cm.(large pipe)

Seam variations

Variations on a seam

The variety of decorated pipes






The figure with his arms up is Hercules holding up the world







Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. On one side is the face of the young Victoria (1837) on the other side her older face (1896)

Fox and grapes pipe (Aesop’s Fables)

Both pipe and fragment bear freemasons’ insignia

Baskets and barrels

Decorated heels

The heel in the form of a bowler hat was a promotional pipe. The British Library has records for ‘Harry Clarke the acknowledged champion hatter, 195 Lambeth Walk (near Sir Henry Daulton’s Potteries)’

The ‘football’, a golf-size ball size, was a foreshore find and went rather well with the rather worn pipe-heel depicting a footballer kicking a ball




Ceramic fragments

Westerwald stoneware



River planets

From musket balls to marbles

Photo credit: Cigdem Boru